Chris Botti w. NY Philharmonic

In the thirty years that I’ve been running Doug Winters Music, I’ve never been more proud of hiring a musician than I am of Chris Botti. We have always had extraordinary musicians in our band Best Kept Secret, but Chris has exceeded everyone’s expectations by going on to win awards, acclaim and massive world-wide appeal. At a concert at the Tarrytown Music Hall six months ago, he had me stand while he talked about being “a broke musician in New York City for one day.” That one day happened to be the day that I was holding auditions for Best Kept Secret, the 13-piece band for the new Manhattan Playboy Club. I heard him play for less than a minute and hired him on the spot.

Studying as a classical musician, I’ve always held the idea of playing with the New York Philharmonic similar to playing centerfield for the New York Yankees. Since it’s starting to look like I’m never going to get to do either one of those, I couldn’t be more thrilled that my good friend Chris Botti will. Check this out!


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