National Anthem-Whitney Houston

Memorial Day is actually supposed to be a somber day in which we remember those brave souls who died in combat. Both my father and father-in-law loyally enlisted for active duty during World War II. Fortunately, they both survived as decorated veterans long before I was born. Since Memorial Day is to honor fallen American military, there’s

The staggering number of Americans who died in the two World Wars and Vietnam alone are almost unbelievable.
During WWI 116,000, WWII 405,000, Vietnam 58,000 and Korea 53,000.  Vietnam and Korea didn’t even have the honor of being declared “wars.” They were politely called “police actions.” And that’s not including all the Post 9/11 war victims. In Afghanistan & Iraq we lost another 6,700. And it goes on and on.

Whitney Houston’s astonishingly moving performance of  “The Star Spangled Banner” at The Super Bowl in 1999 remains the best version ever sung.  So to truly honor American soldiers who died in combat, there’s nothing more appropriate than to have a private moment of silence, and spend a minute and 1/2 with another fallen American, Whitney Houston.

I always wondered why we, as a country, have parades and barbeques by the pool on what’s supposed to be a day or mourning, but that’s just me. Enjoy this moment with the late, great Whitney Houston, and enjoy the chills.


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