100% Pure Love-Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters’ 1994 100% Pure Love is a tried-and-true certified dance hit.
The song establishes its strong dance beat from the very first note…using the unique combination of a lone cowbell and syncopated synthesizer patch. Those initial four bars are then joined by the kick drum for the second four bars…ending with a “stop-time hit” right before the first lyrics come in.
This song, like so many of the others on this blog, is here because of the simplicity of the oft-repeated chorus. I’ve always said that  guests will dance to songs they recognize and more importantly, sing along to. Without knowing a single lyric of the verses, everyone can jump in on…“From the back to the middle and round again…”
My personal favorite part of the song is the “stop-time” a cappella vocal section right when you think the song is becoming too repetitive. Here are the lyrics to the first verse and the chorus, followed by the “stop-time” section. Enjoy!

It’s 12 past midnight, don’t close your eyes
Your soul’s half alive, and I’ll be by your side
I’ve come to take you there, show you how to care
Just be aware, that you’ll have to share
I want your love, I want it tonight
I’m taking your heart, so don’t you fight
I’ll be your answer, I’ll be your wish.
I’ll be your fantasy, your favorite dish.
From the back to the middle and around again
I’m gonna be there til the end, 100% pure love (2xs).

[STOP TIME – After the 2nd VERSE & CHORUS]
You’ll never have to run away
You’ll always have a friend to play
You’ll never go out on your own
In me you will find a home, home

Crystal Waters

Fun Fact #1: Crystal Waters‘ great aunt was the amazing early 20th century African American vocalist, Ethel Waters, who was breaking new racial ground along with other iconic singers Bessie Smith, Lena Horne and Josephine Baker.
Fun Fact #2
: Listen carefully to the bass. It contains a grand total of four ascending notes from the beginning to the end. #Simplicity.
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