Ballerina Girl-Lionel Ritchie

A while back, I played a wedding of two of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet at the Pine Hollow Country Club on the North Shore of Long Island. It’s a beautiful location because the entryway from Northern Boulevard takes you straight through a beautiful golf course on both sides of the road. They suggested a song for the traditional Bride’s dance with her father that has been overlooked before, and since.

Ballerina Girl by Lionel Ritchie.
Ballerina Girl, you are so lovely
With you standing there
I’m so aware of how much I care for you
You are more than now you are for always
I can see in you my dreams come true don’t you ever go away
You make me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do
And when I hold you I only want to say I love you

Ballerina Girl the joy you bring me
Every day and night holding you tight, how I’ve waited for your love
Sometimes I’ve wondered if you’d ever come my way
Now that I’ve finally found you, this is where my heart will stay

It turned out to be a touchingly sentimental part of the wedding. The song speaks to, and shows on the video, a father’s love for his daughter. It’s a softly executed, delicately orchestrated little gem from Lionel Ritchie, and a great option for the Father/Daughter dance.

Lionel Ritchie

Over the years people have forgotten, or never knew, that throughout the decade of the 1980s, Lionel Ritchie was Michael Jackson’s fiercest competitor for the #1 spot on the Billboard Pop Charts. They combined forces to help Quincy Jones write and produce “We Are The World,” in 1985. An event that Quincy famously coined the phrase “check your ego at the door.”

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