Can’t Stop The Feeling-J.T.

I first wrote about Justin Timberlake’s  new feel-good dance hit when it came out last May, connected to the kids’ animated feature Trolls. It was another immediate can’t-miss, radio-ready, much-loved JT signature winner. Infectious. Simple. The kind of song that makes you want to dance. In your living room, and especially at weddings. The video is phenomenal, featuring the cast, with Anna Kendrick singing into her hairbrush and James Corden dancing on the beach, among many others, and JT, himself, totally adorable.  Months later, when we play “Can’t Stop The Feeling” at weddings, the dance floor is packed to its edges, from the first note. The song is just that good. I think Justin Timberlake personifies everything that’s right about pop music.  His instincts are perfect. At 36, he’s won ten Grammy Awards with four Primetime Emmy Awards, won for hosting and singing on “Saturday Night Live.”

What JT does best is that he possesses an inherent joy in everything he chooses to do.  And he lets it show. Justin Timberlake was the lead singer of the 90s boy band NSYNC, which sold over 50 million records from 1995-2002. In that seven year period he sold more than 20 million albums from only three studio albums. Pretty incredible.  Then he showed up in half a dozen movies including “The Social Network” and “Friends With Benefits.” In 2002, he started recording as a solo artist. And then things really got exciting.

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” is JT’s first single in three years which would be a lifetime in most artists’ careers. But not Justin’s. It’s just great to have you back, JT, doing what you do best. The lyrics seem straight from the pen of his sometime producer Pharrell Williams.

I got this feeling inside my bones
It goes electric, wavey when I turn it on
All through my city, all through my home
We’re flying up, no ceiling when we in our zone

I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good song in my feet
I feel that hot blood in my body when it drops, ooh
I can’t take my eyes up off it, moving so phenomenally
You gon’ like the way we rock it, so don’t stop


Love it. Welcome back JT.


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