Danceable Rock

Sweet Child O’ Mine-Guns N’ Roses

If someone told me I’d be getting people dancing to Guns N’ Roses when I was studying to be a classical pianist, I probably would have been kicked out of school. But I love what I do, and nothing gets people dancing like “Anthem Rock.” 

The key to a great dance song is having an instantly recognizable opening. The classic is the piano intro to “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” which I wrote an entire blog post about.  That used to be perfect to get people running to the dance floor, until it hit the point of over saturation, landing it in the “Celebration”/”Hot Hot Hot”/”Mony Mony” cheeseball junk heap.

guns n' roses

Check out the instantly guitar opening of this “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” I’ve often written about how people dance to what they can sing along to, even if they don’t know the lyrics. Hearing the opening screaming guitar line makes this rock classic an instant dance hit. And more importantly instantly packs the dance floor.

Let me know what you think.