Ain’t Nobody-Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan is universally recognized as one of the few “once-in-a-lifetime” performers whose name is inextricably linked with a genre; in this case, it’s 1980s & 90s R ‘n B funk. From the first note played on the clavinet, the infectious, timeless “Ain’t Nobody” makes you move with its pure and instantly recognizable groove. The familiarity factor, paired with a killer funky drum beat, makes it the perfect song to use to introduce the bridal party at your wedding.

What I love about incorporating a song like “Ain’t Nobody” into your wedding playlist is that it’s so upbeat and musically delicious, it totally ignites and enhances any moment of the party, but especially maximizes the excitement of introducing and welcoming the bride and groom and bridal party into the reception.




Introductory music needs to be able to change volume quickly to accommodate how quickly or slowly a couple will walk into the room. The most interesting part of “Ain’t Nobody” (aside from the Stevie Wonder-esque clarinet groove) is the Chorus, which everyone can sing along with:

Oh – oh – oh – oh
Ain’t nobody.
Loves me better
Makes me happy.
Makes me feel this way
Ain’t nobody.
Loves me better than you

The most important part of selecting a song for the introduction is a) to make the guests in the room relaxed and totally engaged, b) to give the bridal party music that is just “knockout fun” to enter the room “already dancing” and c) use music whose volume can be raised and lowered without ever losing the beat.

All three of those criteria are met with this iconic 1983 hit. Once again, as with all dance songs, an introductory song should be instantly recognizable from the first note.  “Ain’t Nobody” is one of the handful of quintessential songs that is so funky and festive, it’s a fantastic pick for bringing your bridal party into your reception .

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