Father & Daughter-Paul Simon

The title alone is an invitation to consider Paul Simon’s “Father and Daughter” as the music for the traditional bride’s dance with her father. I tend to seek out many songs that have a bit of a soft rhythmic beat for the Parent Dances. The beat adds just the right touch of sweetness and light to the sentimentality of the moment. “Father and Daughter”, as you can tell by the video, was written for the animated family movie “The Wild Thornberrys”  but works wonderfully well for grown-up brides and their grown-up fathers. The lyrics, along with Paul Simon’s gentle voice, are tenderly perfect, as well:

If you leap awake in the mirror of a bad dream
And for a fraction of a second you can’t remember where you are
Just open your window and follow your memory upstream
To the meadow in the mountain where we counted every falling star
I believe a light that shines on you will shine on you forever
And though I can’t guarantee there’s nothing scary hiding under your bed
I’m gonna stand guard like a postcard of a Golden Retriever
And never leave ’til I leave you with a sweet dream in your head

I’m gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign, so you’ll always know


Those last two lines of Father and Daughter comprise the perfect message a father would want to give to his daughter:
“As long as one and one is two, there could never be a father who loved his daughter more than I love you.”  It’s a musical choice that enhances an already lovely moment of a wedding.

Give it a listen and then, share your thoughts with me.

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