Hey Pocky Way-The Meters

I’ve used this incredibly catchy song by the band The Meters as a recessional tune several times since it was first requested to me by one of our wedding couples who had gone to college at Tulane University and fell in love with the distinctly infectious beat simply known as the New Orleans or Cajun music. “Hey Pocky Way” (also seen spelled as “Hey Pocky a-Way”) as well as The Cissy Strut Listen to it a couple of times and tell me you can’t see yourself dancing your way out to grab that first cocktail of the night. Fabulous choice.

I have no idea what “Hey Pocky A-way” even means, but I guess it has as much a place on this list as “Betchabygollywow” by The Stylistics, which you’ll find in the Processionals Section. As discussed with James Brown style funk, the lyrics to songs like Hey Pocky Way are almost an afterthought after establishing the beat. But it really is a great beat.

Little bitty boy, with a heart of steel
You can’t boogie now but your sister sure will
Feel good music, I’ve been told
Good for your body and it’s good for your soul
Gonna do it now…Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, pocky a-way
Hey, hey, hey, hey, pocky a-way


Listen and see if you can see yourself dancing up the aisle after saying “I do.”
Let me know what you think.

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