I Want You Back-Jackson 5

“I Want You Back” was written and performed by The Jackson 5 in 1969. The song went on to #1 on the Billboard Charts and immediately became one of the landmark songs of the Detroit-based Motown Records. The piano glissando sliding into the instantly recognizable guitar groove and iconic bass line is enough to pack a dance floor before the first lyric is sung.

What keeps the song fresh, forty-seven (!) years after its release…is the memory of when the world first fell in love with the astonishingly talented and charismatic eleven-year old lead singer of the Jackson Five.


Tragically, as his global artistic acclaim and record-breaking record sales grew to astonishing heights, so did his well-documented charges of sexual child abuse, bizarre  behavior and endless facial surgeries.  However nothing, including his drug-induced death, ever deterred the public’s adoration of the “King Of Pop.” Somehow the thing we chose to remember is the joy his talent brought us.
Thank you, Michael!

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