In The Name Of Love-U2

[Start at the 00:36 mark of the song. You’ll hear The Edge’s guitar leading into Bono’s first verse.]

So many of the songs we use for the Ceremony and Reception parts of every wedding are requests from the brides and grooms themselves. I never would’ve thought of U2’s “In The Name Of Love” as a song to introduce the bridal party, but it was a request so we were delighted to play it. What made it so great is the instantly recognizable guitar riff of The Edge. And the key to any “Intro Song” is to immediately catch your guests attention, and put a smile on their face as they await the introduction of you and your fiance!


Starting with this song to introduce the bridal party into the reception, we got this delightful email from the bride and groom.

“Hey Doug! We just got back from our honeymoon, it was incredible, although we’re pretty sad to be back! Thanks again for an awesome performance – we heard from so many of our guests over and over again how you guys were the best wedding band they’d ever heard. Sean and I had an incredible, amazing time on our wedding day and a large part of that was definitely due to the phenomenal music! We had so much fun and are sad it’s over, but we’re looking forward to seeing you at Heather and Matt’s wedding next summer! Now we just have to get my sisters boyfriend to propose so we can book you for their wedding too …enjoy the rest of your summer!”

Let me know what you think.

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