No Diggity-Blackstreet

“No Diggity” by R & B group Backstreet, featuring Dr. Dre, is one of those songs that instantly gets people moving on the dance floor. The most distinct element of the song is the very slow, deliberate tempo, marked by an instantly recognizable, repetitive 6-note, grinding low-register bass hook. The song was released in 1996, written and produced by Teddy Riley and immediately went to #1 on the Billboard Charts, selling 1.6 million copies. Among it’s many honors, “No Diggity” (thankfully) replaced “The Macarena” as the #1 song in America (after a frighteningly long 14 week run.)

I must admit that I always thought the lyrics of the chorus were “gotta back it up” instead of “got to bag it up.” But as with so many dance tunes, the lyrics are far less important than the groove. The interesting thing is that our band used to play this song to the delight of wedding parties as soon as the song came out twenty years ago. And now, twenty years later, there’s a terrific demand for songs from that era of hard-driving dance music. When we play it now, it sounds fresher than ever, but this time everyone is completely familiar with it, and can at least sing along with the chorus. Enjoy!

Baby, you’re a perfect ten, I wanna get in. Can I get down, so I can win
[Chorus] I like the way you work it. No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up 

Your guests will love spending a few minutes on the dance floor with a treasured old friend. No doubt!
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