Over and Over Again-Nathan Sykes

I recently found this song, and think it should be on everyone’s short-list for their first dance. The song is “Over and Over Again” by Nathan Sykes. The entire musical accompaniment to his beautiful lyrics is a solo grand piano. Most of the most beloved ballads by singer/songwriter/pianists Elton John, Billy Joel, Carol King and Stevie Wonder are produced the same way.
Releasing a song with only voice and piano, exposes it to be judged solely on the merits of its melody and lyrics, without the aid of any lush orchestration, or even a rhythm section.
Choosing Ariana Grande as his duet partner was a great choice. She shows tremendous musicality and vocal restraint, by respecting the simplicity of the song, and rejecting the temptation to show off her extraordinarily facile four-octave vocal range.

From the way you smile, to the way you look
You capture me, unlike no other
From the first hello, yeah that’s all it took
And certainly we had each other
And I won’t leave you, always be true
One plus one, two for life
Over and over again
Don’t ever think I need more, I’ve got the one to live for
No one else will do and I’m telling you
Just put your heart in my hands, I promise it won’t get broken
We’ll never forget this moment
It will stay brand new, ’cause I’ll love you. Over and over again

From the heat of night to the break of day
I’ll keep you safe, and hold you forever
And the sparks will fly, they will never fade
And every day gets better and better
And I won’t leave you, always be true
One plus one, two for life. Over and over again

nathan sykes:ariana

I hope you enjoy “Over and Over Again.” over and over again.
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