Pass The Peas-Maceo Parker

“Pass The Peas” by Maceo Parker is the very definition of “funk.” Parker became famous as James Browns’ sax player throughout   the 1960s & 70s. The distinctive “James Brown” sound always involves a hard driving power-guitar groove, a booming bass line,  blasting horns, and simple lyrics that are repeated by the rest of the band. That style would become synonymous with Contemporary R ‘n B funk, which fueled the careers of brilliant acolytes like Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament and The Funkadelics, and Prince.  All of whom were paid tribute by Bruno Mars’ 2015 Grammy Winning Uptown Funk.

This really is a great song to introduce people into the room, especially if the dance floor is already packed as one of my favorite bridal couples, Marshall & Lauren’s, was. As in so many suggestions in this blog, the song was their request.


Used as an introductory song, you’ll never come close to hearing the full ten minutes of the song, but you get the idea. Although the lyrics are as mundane and prosaic as they come, the groove is undeniably catchy. Here’s the extent of the depth of the actual lyrics:

Why do you like soul food?
Because it makes me … ha-a-a-py
Pass the peas, the cheese,
Pass the peas like we used to say it
Pass the peas like we used to say it
Pass the peas like we used to say it

I doubt either James Brown or Maceo Parker was attempting to pen unforgettably brilliant lyrics. They were always simply all about the funk.
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