Start Me Up-The Rolling Stone

“Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones is one of those great songs that never fails to pack a dance floor at any party. Once again, it’s got all the perfect elements to pack a dance floor. Keith Richards’ ┬áiconic guitar introduction makes the song instantly recognizable. Mick Jagger’s lyrics are, as usual less than brilliant, but definitely “sing-alongable.” Aside from the title, the phrase “you make a grown man cry” are forever implanted in the rock lexicon. Here is an example of the lyrics, which seem more like random syllables to match the rhythm, than an attempt at pop poetry. But you go to The Rolling Stones for raw energy, of which this song is filled.

You can start me up
You can start me up I’ll never stop
I’ve been running hot
You got me just about to blow my top
You can start me up, you can start me up,
I’ll never stop, never stop, never stop, never stop
You make a grown man cry
You make a grown man cry
You make a grown man cry
Spread out the oil, the gasoline
I walk smooth ride in a mean, mean machine
Rolling Stones
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