Strip That Down – Liam Payne ft. Quavo


One of the many  things I love about having a twenty-two year old son in law school is that he’s got absolutely impeccable taste in dance music. Around a month ago, he sent me this song, which I listened to for 20 seconds, and immediately sent it to rest of the band. We played it that Saturday night, and have played it at every party since.

What immediately caught my attention was how Strip That Down manages to be instantly danceable, without the use of any actual…drums. What did they do? 
From the first beat, they seamlessly integrated synthesized “snaps,” a touch of snare drum, and the word “hey” repeated in the background…all comprising the only elements of percussion. The distinctive plucked (“pizzicato”) bass line is what gives the song its drive. Very cool.

Strip That Down doesn’t feel like it’ll have tremendous longevity, but for now… definitely keeps people on the dance floor. Liam sounds a bit like a young Justin Timberlake.         

Definitely a career worth watching.

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