Sugar-Maroon 5

This delicious song,  as smooth as a slice of wedding cheesecake,  has already become a “contemporary classic” for weddings.  It’s relentlessly catchy and upbeat, and the rhythm begs you to get up and start dancing.  And though the lyrics are a bit plaintive, the effect is wedding-joyful and entirely happy.  As Adam Levine and Maroon 5 visit “every wedding in LA today”, (Adam announces that intention before they start piling into the car) it may, for some, set up the expectation that Adam Levine and Maroon 5 will show up with us at your wedding. Gotta be honest; I actually haven’t heard from him in a long time! Still, it’s simply the perfect dance song, especially for weddings. The song has amazing harmonies, as well as an incredibly strong Chorus that’s sung by the whole band in unison, making it that much more powerful.
The video is genuinely fun, as the band actually shows up, unexpectedly, at random weddings. What could be better for those of us who do this for a living? Thanks to Adam and the boys.

Here are the lyrics to sing along:
I’m hurting, baby, I’m broken down
I need your loving, loving I need it now
When I’m without you I’m something weak
You got me begging, begging I’m on my knees

I don’t wanna be needing your love
I just wanna be deep in your love
And it’s killing me when you’re away, (ooh, baby)
‘Cause I really don’t care where you are
I just wanna be there where you are
And I gotta get one little taste
Your sugar, Yes, please. Won’t you come and put it down on me?
I’m right here, ’cause I need a little love, a little sympathy
Yeah, you show me good loving, make it alright need a little sweetness in my life
Your sugar, yes, please. won’t you come and put it down on me?

My broken pieces, you pick them up
Don’t leave me hanging, hanging,come give me some
When I’m without ya, so insecure
You are the one thing, one thing I’m living for

maroon 5

Sugar!  It’s just a fantastic dance song. What a great, truly gratifying song for those of us whose do this for a living. Thanks for the tuxedoed homage, fellas.

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