Take The World-Johnnyswim

I’ve written many times about how some of the best songs in our repertoire have come directly from brides and grooms. The most recent example is a song requested by our newest client for their First Dance seven months from now. Somehow, I had never heard of either the song or the group before they emailed the YouTube link to me. The song is “Take The World,” and the group is Johnnyswim. The lyrics are straightforward and uncomplicated, yet poetically elegant. The accompaniment is equally sophisticated in its unobtrusive simplicity: arpeggiated acoustic guitar chords, a constantly moving piano line, a subtle bass line, and a lilting drum beat (played with brushes rather than sticks) give the song a constant feeling of forward motion. Unobtrusive strings and subtle horns fill out the (not so simple) orchestration.


Making it even more structurally sound (and subtly perfect for a first dance) is that the melody is split evenly between the male and female vocalists. The first verse is sung by the female, the second by the male…and they harmonize together for the chorus. Here are some of the beautiful lyrics:

Sweethearts give sweet compliments
but our love goes without saying
Though you make it hard not to spill my heart
every time I see you swaying
Darling you and me we can take the world. 

Cause they can write stories they can sing songs
But they don’t make fairy tales sweeter than ours
They can climb mountains high into the sky
They can’t take the world oh…like we can take the world

It’s not utterly overplayed or predictable and I think that makes it even sweeter. I’d love to know what you think of it.

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