Taking Care Of Business-BTO

I recently wrote a blog about how “people will invariably dance to songs they can sing along with.” The post was about the pop tune “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk The Moon, and how they repeat the phrase “Shut Up and Dance” 15 times. Bachman Turner Overdrive‘s 1973 Rock hit “Taking Care Of Business” repeats the title phrase 50 times. And that’s with a fade-out…

Here is the actual chorus:
And I’ll be takin’ care of business every day
Takin’ care of business every way
I’ve been takin’ care of business, it’s all mine
Takin’ care of business and working overtime, work out.


This song definitely meets at least two of my prerequisites for a guaranteed successful (wedding) dance song: 1. An instantly recognizable instrumental guitar hook; 2. And easily acquired “sing-alongability.” It’s┬áreally is perfect to add to our Classic Rock repertoire.
Let me know what you think.


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