When You Need Me-Bruce Springsteen

“When You Need Me” by Bruce Springsteen is a terrific choice for your first dance. The song is quite simple, and elegantly short. Most songs just fade out, but this one is simple and has a definitive beginning, middle, solo and a short ending verse.

When you need me call my name
‘Cause without you my life just wouldn’t be the same
If you want me come sunny skies or rain
When you need me just call my name

If you miss me, I’ll be there
To brush the sunlight from your hair
I’ll be there to guide you when trouble walks beside you

If you need me I’ll be there
And when this dirty world has been cold to you
I got two strong arms waitin’ to hold you
And when those mean days come along
We’ll stand together and we’ll take ’em on
So if you need me just call my name


Poignant, elegant and straight-talking defines the man known simply as “The Boss.”
Let me know what you all think.

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