Ep. 38: Ron Ben-Israel

The delightful, charming, generous and brilliant cake guru Ron Ben-Israel told me he is in “the business of making people happy.”  But, he is so much more than that. During our podcast earlier this week, he treated me to his cake and a peek into his life and work as we spoke of so many things: his belief that “cake is a celebration,” his early career as a ballet dancer and visual artist, how he became a U.S.citizen on an”Exceptional Artist Visa,” Martha Stewart’s role in his life and influence on his career —  from helping him secure his visa for U.S. citizenship to putting him on television, his deep sense of patriotism, our shared gratitude for immigrants (my family came from Eastern Europe),  the importance of bespoke cakes, the myriad variations of a carrot cake, color swatches and tastings, “the process” of working with clients,  his dynamic television personality, especially on “Food Network,”  how he feels about Instagram….listen to this episode and enjoy my conversation with one of the most universally beloved, elegant, talented, and extraordinary people I’ve ever met. Listen and discover for yourself.  




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