Ep. 51: Norma Cohen

Episode 51 brings us into the stunning Midwood section of Brooklyn, New York, and the home of Norma Cohen of Norma Cohen Productions. Norma’s reputation as one of New York’s preeminent wedding designers is well established. What I didn’t know was that the vast majority of the spectacular, one-of-a-kind celebrations she designs are firmly tied to the Sephardic Orthodox Jewish community she is so proud to be a part of. 

In a delightfully candid conversation she talks about her deeply rooted ties to her heritage, living in a magnificent home literally across the street from the one she grew up in.

I found myself totally captivated by the passion with which she approaches her career,  dazzled by her astonishing generosity, and deeply moved by her dedication to her roots. She is truly a delightfully captivating woman, and I genuinely hope you enjoy this conversation as much we did having it.

Thanks for listening.


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