Ep. 65: Fallon Carter

Wedding Wisdom Podcast w/ Doug Winters
Ep. 65: Fallon Carter

Fun-loving and full of laughter, the versatile, adventurous and imaginative Destination Weddings Producer Fallon Carter was my latest phenomenal podcast guest. Our conversation went everywhere, which is totally fitting for the joyfully travel-addicted Fallon, who discusses starting her own life’s journey from Mississippi to Memphis to Maryland and finding herself on her own in Paris at just thirteen, as a foreign exchange student. Then, years later, she found herself back in France to attend a friend’s sister’s wedding which forever changed her life.

It was at that wedding,  at the Trianon Palace Versailles, that she realized her career path,  gave two weeks’ notice and left Washington D.C. to begin a life devoted to sharing the beauty and magic of travel and celebrations with delighted clients throughout the world.  From what makes a moment magical to recreating the Italian Riviera in the U.S. during Covid, Fallon is impossibly charming, warm,  smart and thoughtful. Every minute I spent with this innovative problem-solver was a delight I know you’ll share when you enjoy my recent conversation with her, one of my most favorite episodes yet.

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