Ep. 72 Wendy Jacobs

Wedding Wisdom Podcast w/ Doug Winters
Ep. 72 Wendy Jacobs

Episode 72 brings us to the spectacular ski resort town and wedding destination of Telluride, where you’ll meet the charming, funny, inventive and self-taught event producer, mountain girl and mom, Wendy Jacobs.  The young woman who attended Miss Hall’s School for Girls and grew up as a Yankee fan and ski bum in New York in “a big party family,” Wendy shares the pleasures, mysteries and joys of Telluride where she is known for orchestrating beautiful events, most notably the Lauren and David Bush wedding, which Wendy credits with, among many other things, “changing the trajectory of her career.” A master of logistics, Wendy is quite well-known for bringing in the best creative teams. What’s more, she shares wonderful insights about Ralph Lauren, his working ranch and family, explains why a wedding is “all collaboration” and what really makes Telluride, Colorado so special…think: the mountains and the views. And, that’s just the beginning. Enjoy my incredible conversation with Wendy. You’ll love every moment!

As always, stay safe and strong.

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