S1E2: Melani Lust

00:19 Moving from San Diego to Manhattan to study dance with the Alvin Ailey Theatre.
Making money working as a model…dressing as a sneaker for a “toy convention,”
05:53 A short discussion of “the casting couch” for young models, actors and dancers.

07:45 Working at Sotheby’s, authenticating artwork, and hand-delivering a $10,000,000 Mondrian to a penthouse on Park Avenue.

11:30 Learning photography working for her Masters in Fine Arts at NYU, by shooting 2-dimensional
paintings as well as 3-dimensional sculpture “in the basement of the ancient sculpture in Naples.”
Learning Latin, French, German and Dutch, to be able to transcribe manuscripts found with the artwork.

13:58 Henri Cartier-Bresson and “The Decisive Moment.”

16:40 Working as a full-time wedding photographer. Check out her magnificent portfolio of pictures from a visit to Cuba.

19:50 Working 12-hour days photographing a wedding. Backing up her photographic “flash cards” onto Hard Drives.                          Quickly sending 20-50 “sneak-peak” pictures to family members before “less than flattering” photos appear on Facebook.                        The advantage of shooting in “RAW” as opposed to “JPG.”

27:30 The crucial process of developing “the perfect timeline” with each bride and groom, in order to capture all the                       “formal portraits” with the bride, the groom, their families, bridal party, etc.

29:00 Arriving at 1pm for a reception from 9pm – 1am.
31:00 Why “Make-Up Artists” are always running late.
33:40 Shooting bridal couples during emotionally “unfortunate” toasts.
36:00 Learning how brides like to be photographed, as well as who her close friends are, from their Facebook Wedding Page.          Tricks to get the bride and groom to laugh.
38:13 Tips for Brides: “It’s really important to know that something will go wrong on your wedding day, but the wedding is just about…love; and your connection.”

S1E1: Maura Bohan

Season 1 Episode 1 features a delightful discussion with my friend Maura Bohan, of Maura Bohan Events. Maura is a “Day-Of” Coordinator. The first thing we discuss is what exactly what “Day-Of” entails. Maura tells us how the number of invited guests is the number one most important element in planning a wedding. This becomes obvious when she talks about how different venues can comfortably hold a 300 person wedding, and some are far more appropriate for a 70 person party.
The conversation is lively, and extremely informative, as I hope each episode will be. Most importantly, I want this be your home for all things regarding planning your own perfect wedding.
-Doug Winters